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About TAB

TAB is an almost 70 years old family-owned and run company. As a native of Saint Jean de Vedas (34), TAB employs more than 250 people and generates a turnover of 43 million euros. TAB has 4 branches in Saint-Jean-de-Védas, Saint-Thibery (Hérault), Créteil (Val de-Marne) and Toulouse. TAB also has combined transport terminal in Lille, Nantes, Avignon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Perpignan, Marseille, Paris (with three bases), Bayonne and Montpellier.

TAB operates a fleet of a hundred engines or so, about 300 chassis, more than 800 swap bodies and about fifty trailers.

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TAB goals


› the best transport plan choise to shorten delivery schedules
Just-in-time deliveries.
› Intermediary delivery upon request.


› implementation of a quality plan.
road substitution plan in the event of railway networks failure.
No delays,no immobilization, no breakdown in the transport chain .
appointments for loading and delivery are honored.


› Keeping operations under thight control along the transport chain thanks to : Satellites train position reporting (GPS), tracking and real-time management of the goods .
Management of returns refusal and packaging.
› Reducing risks of damage ,theft, breakage or loss by the implementation of transport without intermediate reloading .
feedback to the customer via the Internet.

They trust TAB

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